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Heimlich Maneuver

So I learnt about the Heimlich maneuver today and as usual I will share.

I was scrolling randomly on social media as I do when I am bored, and I come across a story by Will Smith wishing Henry who this procedure is named after a happy birthday and thanking him for saving his brothers life.

Henry Heimlich is dead now. He died in 2016.

Will Smith used the maneuver to help his brother when he was choking on a Mac Ribs from MacDonald.

In my mind, I am thinking. What a way to die. “How did he die?” Oh, he died choking on a burger!

Decided to do a Google search on Heimlich maneuver because one never knows when I might need it. Every knowledge is useful at a certain point.

What is the Heimlich Maneuver?

It is a technique used to help someone choking. It helps to push out air from the lungs and makes the person choking cough.

The airways are so narrow, that even something as little as a peanut/groundnut can cause a blockage.

How to do Heimlich maneuver

Performing the maneuver is simple. Wrap your arms round the individual choking, find their belly button with your little finger, roll your hands into a fist.

Make sure the knuckle of your thumb is right at the belly button point and then you trust in and out. Not with so much force.

If the person is larger than you, and your hands cannot go all the way around the persons mid-section, you can wrap your hands higher. Find their breast bone and thrust in and out until whatever has been lodged their dislodged.

Heimlich maneuver

Or you can guide them to do an assisted Heimlich Maneuver while sitting on a chair.

When to perform an Heimlich maneuver

When to do an heimlich maneuver
International choking sign

An Heimlich maneuver should only be done when a person is choking. You can determine if someone is choking by their inability to speak, fought or breath.

When not to perform Heimlich maneuver

If the individual choking can cough, breathe or speak, do not perform the Heimlich maneuver.

The Heimlich maneuver is an emergency treatment while you find help.

I have also included a video I found helpful during my learning Process below. Did I hear you say thank you? You are welcome.

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