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Goat meat and private jets

This post is bone out of a deep desire to eat goat meat that still has the skin on. If you are vegetarian, I am so sorry. Not sorry that I love meat, but I am sorry that you may feel some kind of way.

Now back to my craving, want, need, desireā€¦ I don’t know what to call it. But it ticks all the above boxes.

I just want to have tasty fried goat meat with pepper sauce. The kind that is so hot, you literally have to drink a drum of water to quench the fire in your mouth.

I posted it on my status and a friend suggested I go to the Asian shop that we have here in Copenhagen that stocks some African produce.

Well, that will do sometimes, but not at this moment. The goat meat at that store does not have the skin on it. It cost a lot for a little bag and it taste like its been frozen forever.

This is a rant and not a good one. If I was really wealthy, I would be on a private jet to Nigeria and back just like Serena Williams did when she was craving Italian food.

Well, since I am not there yet, I guess its store bought forever frozen goat meat I shall be eating.

Can someone just bring all the fresh produce from Nigeria both plant and animal and combine them with the Danish standard of living? 

Or make a country that has every thing? What is even the standard for everything? Is there such a place on earth that has everything?

Anyway, I am grateful still for the store that at least stocks goat meat, for food in general and taste buds that work.

You can’t have it all they say. Well, I guess it’s true.

By the way, if you are looking for the Asian shop with the African produce, it’s just at the back of the copenhagen central station. I heard there are more, but that’s the only one I know.

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