11 relaxing alternatives to watching TV

alternatives to watching tv

So I have been researching alternatives to watching so much TV.

There are a lot of educative and interesting programs on TV, but there are also an equally huge amount of content that I rather not be viewing.

But somehow, the TV is the easiest and fastest thing to sit to watch when one just wants to chill and relax, and with most people spending more time indoors because of the pandemic, its TV to the rescue.

I tell myself just a few minutes, and then realize later that I have spent this huge amount of time I can no longer regain back on this show/news that has done nothing to better my present state.

Sometimes the content you find there, can play a major role in further demoralizing you, if you are already having a bad day.

There are some really interesting things that you can do instead of watching TV, or things you can do that will limit the time you spend watching TV, when you find yourself with time on your hands.

People spend an average of 4hours watching TV.

If you spend less time watching TV, you have time to do a whole lot more productive stuff and you are better able to protect your mental space.

You might say, “I don’t have a TV”…,replace TV with your phone. 


1) Listen to music

Listening to music offers you the opportunity to allow your mind do its thing, i.e. wander. It is also very therapeutic.


2) Clear your junk mail

There are probably a lot of junk mail you have received currently sitting in your mailbox, adding to the 1000 unread mails you currently have. That can be very triggering for your mental health.

Start deleting today.


3) Meditate

Meditation is a whole lot better than watching all the crazy happenings going on in the world right now.


4) Go for a walk

I was never really into walks before, but now I am huge sucker for them. Walks are a good way to clear your mind. Just a little stroll around the house and your day is perfect.


5) Have a picnic

There a lot of packs and recreational spaces around, take advantage of them. Pack your meal, take your blanket and have a picnic in the outdoors, while practicing safe social distancing.

You do not necessarily have to go far, your backyard can serve a great picnic area. Get fresh air


6) Organize

You can organize your home and make it simpler and easy for you to get to the things you need.

This you can do by labeling your spices, emptying out your kitchen drawers/cabinets, cleaning them up and arranging its content neatly, putting away all the clothes and paper work you did not previously have time for and just dumped around.


7) Clean out your fridge and throw out things that have expired or gone bad

The fridge is one place that things can easily get lost and go bad. You went shopping and got things from the store and yourself you will use them up immediately.

Well, it been two weeks and you haven’t yet touched that thing. It happens to the best of us.

Use some of the time you spend watching tv to clean up.


8) Spend the time with a friend/lover/family

Spend time just talking with a friend/lover/family without the distraction of the TV. These days, the TV can block people from really connecting and having important conversations without being distracted.

Even if its a person you see everyday, you will be amazed the number of things that are left unspoken and can cause unrepairable rift if left for too long, while being covered up by endless hours of TV shows.

Make the effort today to communicate.


9) Listen to inspiring messages

This is making an effort at being intentional about the content you are feeding your mind.


10) Games and puzzles

Play games, do crossword puzzles. They are very entertaining and they also sharpen the mind.


11) Sleep

….and if everything else fails, just lie down and sleep, or daydream about the house you are going to have in that cool neighborhood you been admiring.

For those having a hard time falling asleep, here are some tips that will surely help.


These are just some of a few things I consider alternatives to watching Tv. I would like to know your own alternatives to having so much screen time.




Relaxing alternatives to watching Tv

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