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5 things I am learning from Patricia Bright

If you are familiar with youtube vlog content, chances are you have come across a Patricia Bright video. With over two million subscribers, you can’t miss her

Patricia Bright
Patricia Bright on her 2018 cover of Glamour UK. Her first ever magazine cover

The first time I came across the name Patricia Bright was in the 2014. I had recently started school and found myself with limitless access to the internet. I was in a new environment, hair care saloons for my kind of hair was limited, so I started to search for ways to take care of my hair.

As I searched deeper, I came across numerous videos from lifestyle bloggers, one of them was Patricia Bright. Before then I knew nothing of people making a career from posting videos online.

She soon became a favorite, just because of the way she interacted with her audience.

It helped also that she is Nigerian, although one who had been brought up in Britain. She also has quite a sense of humor.

Her latest video on assumptions reminded me of some of the reasons why I had come to like her.

So here are 5 things I am learning from Patricia Bright.

#Passion and consistency will take you places

Patricia Bright
Picture taken from Instagram

She started creating content on Youtube at a time when there was hardly any exposure about it. She just loved shopping and dressing up , and she found joy in sharing her finds with viewers.

Just having passion alone may not get you the desired result, but if you stay consistent and continuously upgrade yourself, you would start seeing results.

#Don’t be afraid to diversify

She has a degree in accounting before she became a full time vlogger.

Although she started with fashion videos, now she does make up, she has written a book. She is not just stuck doing one thing. The other day, she launched a lipstick collection with Mac, and just recently she did a clothing collaboration with amazon.

she has a hair brand, and has said she will be starting a podcast soon. She is not just hardworking, She is also smart.

Getting the things you want out of life does not often occur when you follow a straight path.

#Having the right mindset is very important

Patricia Bright
Patricia Bright with husband Mike. Picture from Instagram

Money can come, money can go. She says and I quote, “…with certain skill set and follow through, you can get yourself out of the gutter”.

She has always believed that she would be successful even when things did not look that good.

She is someone who had to help her mum clean offices before school, she has lived in potentially dangerous environments before becoming one of UK’s most successful social media power houses.

She maintains a very positive mindset.

Its within your power to change your situation, and the expectations which you have of yourself are what you achieve. Every circumstance is an obstacle to work around. If you focus so much on the negative, you might not get to where you want to be.

#Don’t be afraid to speak your mind

One of the things I love about Patricia Bright are her brutally honest opinions. She speaks her mind and is also not afraid to say it, when she feels she may have gone wrong.

I mean, what Nigerian tells you that Ghanaian Jollof is the best?

#Go relentlessly after the things you want

Patricia Bright is a go-getter. She is always wanting more, and even when she may not have all the tools,  she still goes for it.

Although she describes herself as frugal, she indulges in the things she loves but also invests a lot in her time and financial assets.

Success does not come overnight. It is important to make decisions and follow through with them. It does not pay to second guess your every move.

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