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Solo travel: 5 reasons why you need to try it

Why you need to try solo travel

I have heard some people give reasons why they do not travel. One of them being that they do not have someone to travel with.  As you get older, you will come to realize people have different timetables for their lives, and even when you have a partner, it can be difficult to always align the calendars.


While travelling in a group, or with someone is fun, travelling alone is also fun.



For me, Solo travel gives you that Eat, pray and love vibe. Nothing should stop you from enjoying your own company.


You don’t want life to pass you by without going on all the fun adventures you dream about, just because someone else cannot go with you.



So Here are 5 reasons why you need to consider travelling solo

#1 Freedom

You get to choose when and where you want to go.  That you can’t easily do when you have to travel with someone.


Imagine finding that awesome flight deal to some destination you want to explore, and you don’t go because someone else cannot go with you.


Also, you don’t want to be that party pooper on a group trip, who decides they don’t want to be part of the days’s adventure at the last minute. With solo travel, you will definitely not be having any of those concerns.

You can plan activities that you actually love, go through routes you prefer, and visit only the places you are interested in, or if you are anything like me, dedicate one day to sleep in the whole day.



#2 You can stick to your planned budget

We all know that there are certain compromises, you need to make when you travel with a group. Choice of where to eat, is often times made in consideration of everyone, but in a solo travel, you can eat according to your pocket.


You don’t have to suck up to anyone or try to go above your budget to please anyone. You also don’t have to downplay your desires, if you feel like splashing on that caviar.


#3 You meet new people

You do not have to remains in the confines of a group. You get to go out and meet new people who may also be travelling solo. Its easier to interact with someone new and connect when you are alone, than when you are in a group.


When you are travelling with someone, you may not necessarily see the need to put yourself out there and connect with others. But with solo travel, you have to. You can’t go the whole trip not talking to anyway, even if its just to ask for directions.



Think of all the potential amazing friendships that could come out of a solo travel. Sounds amazing right?


#4 Your confidence increases

Your confidence increases when you are able to interact with new people and make friends. You are not just stuck within the confines of the people you are familiar with.


Because you are travelling sole, you are forced to talk to people you do not know.


You also have no fear of embarrassing yourself in front of people you know. Many of these people you meet in the course of your travel, you may never meet again, so you can be absolute self.


You do not have to put up appearances, because these people you meet know nothing of you, and have no preconceived notion on how you should be.


#5 You become more in tune with yourself

In a solo travel, all the decisions will be made by you. This way, you become more in tune with your self, your likes and dislikes.


You will learn to trust your choices more, and be more accepting of the consequences of those choices.



A solo travel is a great way to clear your thoughts, free your mind. It helps you focus on yourself. While on a solo travel, you can find answers to those questions you seek, because you have less distractions.


You will find solace in your own company.


In conclusion…

It important to very conscious of your safety when embarking on any form of travelling, especially solo travel. Also be mindful and respectful of the customs and traditions of the people who live in the places you are visiting.


Thanks for stopping bye… Have you ever traveled alone? Where has been your favorite destination so far?


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We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us-

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