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On From Scratch – love, pain and grief

Movies are one of those anything and everything I write about sometimes.

By the way, does anyone ever feel guilty when they watch movies? Once in a while, I do.

No thanks to this feeling that I could use that time for something better, some Africans may relate.

I am sure a therapist somewhere will also have something to say about this.

It does not have to be that way though, you are allowed re-creational activities.

Rest is a huge part of living.

Back to the movie…

From scratch, it’s all the rave at the moment, at least in my little corner of the world.

After influencing a number of people to go watch it, I had to take it a step further by writing about it.

Note: This is not a spoiler, so you may want to go watch the movie, for better understanding.

As a ‘hopeful’ romantic who loves all things love, I loved that this movie was realistic in a way.

At the beginning, I was like, hmmm… just another romantic movie, but then things got real serious.

It’s been a while I shed a tear watching a movie, but with this one, my hard girl hard girl all went down in the mud. I cried.

It hit close to home for me though, and I found myself waking up at night just to process.

Here are a few talking points/lessons I got from the movie.

1) Love is not all fairytale, it comes with a lot of ups and down. (It is some part fairy tale though, but fairytale is what you make of it)

2) The one question here is, How far will you go if your family rejects you and the person you choose to love?

3) When you are married, it’s you and your partner.

Every one else is a spectator on your love.

So make good decisions on who that partner will be, if you haven’t yet made that choice.

Let it be someone who you can take on the world with and who will be in your corner even when the chips are down.

If you do already have that person, cherish the love you have.

Time waits for nobody.

4) Just when things were looking up, life threw them a curve ball.

Like I always say, seasons come and go, happiness, sadness, loss, Joy, pain, etc, are all part of life seasons.

5) Challenges like sickness can affect a relationship severely.

Be it romantic relationship, relationship between parents, siblings, friends, etc.

‘Love no be for mouth only’. 

6) It has the power to change the dynamics of relationships.

It can bring families closer, or it can tear them apart.

It’s a choice though which side of the divide you want to be on.

7) Family is everything. I rephrase, good family is everything.

… And family is not only by blood

8) Some parents can be really stubborn.

Some show their love in really weird ways, just because they don’t know any better.

9) It is not easy to change a belief.

The father didn’t know how to show love to his son because he has been brought up not to show emotions.

Some people are just hard for nothing though, and scared to show emotions because it makes them feel like they are weak.

I believe this to be true especially for those who grow up in cultures where they aren’t allowed to express or show emotions.

A lot of Nigerians are on this table, especially some men.

I say Nigerians because those are the people I mostly have in my life, and relate with.

There are definitely people from other countries and cultures with same attributes.

10) The wedding couldn’t bring them together, but then a life threatening sickness did.

11) Don’t waste too much time on inconsequentials.

Life is for the living.

12) Genuine love can get you through some of the biggest challenges of life.

13) Some men really be oblivious and  women can be jealous no matter the age, and societal standing.

14) Life does not always go as planned.

You have got to adjust, and adapt to whatever challenges it may bring.

15) Relationship dynamics changes over time, or better put it evolves overtime.

It was beautiful to watch the relationship between Amy and her sister, and then the relationship she had with Lino’s mum at the later end.

Also the relationship between all the mothers in Amy’s life.

16) A lot of Mother’s will feel guilty for having to work more, while having less time for their kids especially if that wasn’t the life they envisaged before.

17) A life threatening disease is the worse.

On one hand, is holding onto hope that all will be well, on the other hand is watching one slowly die.

For the loved ones, it’s hard when you have tried all you can, and there is nothing more you can do.

For the one dying, it the feeling that you are putting your loved ones through all that pain, while also being in so much pain.

18) You don’t move the furniture around when the house is on fire. You got to ask the hard questions, and make the hard decisions.

19) Finally, through the seasons of life we lose some of our loved ones, but we are left with beautiful memories of the life they lived, and the impact they had on us.

It’s my honest prayer that everyone in their lifetime experiences a love that is so pure, genuine and so real, because what is life without love?


In a city where there is no center, I am your center, you are my center. We can do this. – From scratch

PS: who wants to be my center? I will be your center too.

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