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Oga John – Dealing with Mental Health issues

I was watching a short movie titled Oga John on you tube and I decided to do a blog post on it. 


Oga John is a movie to raise awareness on mental issues in Nigeria. If you are a Nigerian, you will know that mental health issues are most often treated as a spiritual issue.

It begins with a scene of Oga John in a shop sitting, listening to a football match playing on a radio in the background.

A sad looking Alero comes to the shop at some point to buy something.

Alero has a problem. she has not being returning her calls. Fortunately, Oga John is observant. At the end, it does seem Alero may get the right help she desperately needs. 

The short 10 mins movie is supported by a Non-profit group Mentally Aware Nigeria.


A lot of us have been Alero at some point in life. Most people suffering from any form of Mental health illness are open to ridicule, and as a result, many are not willing to share their issue with anyone.

Unfortunately, Mental health issues are not one you can deal with, without a support system. The suicide rate in Nigeria in increasing. We use to joke before on how Nigerians are so strong they can face anything, until people started jumping into the lagoon.

Its no more a matter of if one can commit suicide its when. We are religious people and yet now the fear of life after death does not seem to stop people from committing suicide or for some its the only thing stopping them.

The other day. a Nigerian twitter user tweeted about driver of the UBER he took, confessing to having thoughts of jumping from the Lagos third mainland bridge to end it all.

The pool of the water he said is always so strong anytime he passes by the bridge.

Check up on your friends. Be observant, not everyone that looks ok is ok. The demons people are fighting is so strong. Please don’t be Judgmental. They are already judging themselves, don’t add to whatever guilt they already feel.

Sure prayers is good, but allow God use you to help. If you have issues please seek help. Don’t lose hope.

Oga John [Video]

You can contact Mentally Aware Nigeria here



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  1. Maureen Muagba says:

    Hmmm.Man might not always be available, but God always does,so let keep hope alive. But if you are available, please don’t push that soul to hell,but rescue with soothing words.

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