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sex for grades
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Sex for grades: Sexual harrasment and opinions without evidence

Since the sex for grades scandal was brought to fore, as a result of BBC undercover work carried out by Kiki Mordi, a lot of Nigerians have expressed different opinions, as it is to be expected. Most, at least on social media, seemed outraged. There has been an outpouring of support for the ordeal a …

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Dyslexia in the Nigerian society

Introduction¬† You know that classmate in primary school who had trouble pronouncing words and we all laughed at, anytime she or he was called to read out loud from the English text?¬†One of the famous member of the ‘Olodo’ or ‘slow learners’ club? Or that child in Church who had trouble reading bible verses during …

Nigerian Rants

It’s foreign, so good?!

” there is something foundationally wrong with our collective reasoning,that automatically assumes anything foreign is superior”. @drOlufunmilayo on twitter. There is this thing my mum used to do. Anytime meat was boiled, she gave I and my sibling a piece. This was before the food was ready. Sometimes she made something similar to garri ‘kodo’. …