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Useful tips for students planning to study Abroad in Europe

Study Abroad

In my day to day interactions, many ask me how they can get the opportunity to Study Abroad in Europe. A study Abroad makes you gain experiences that can better your chances at an international career.

This write up is to help those who would like to study abroad especially in Europe. Some people go through agents, but you can also do it on your own

#Start planning a year ahead. This involves checking for when admission portals open up, making sure you gather all documents and meet requirements long before the portals open up. The window period for application given to nationals not part of the EU & EEA for application is short.

#Most courses require an application fee irrespective of if a scholarship will be involved in future.

#Also English test TOEFL, IELTS etc are often times required. For IELTS, a minimum of 6.5 is often required.

#Apply for your school transcripts well before time as they take a long time to be sent from some African universities.

#It would be best to find a sponsor at least for the first full year or have saved enough for it. I say this because most people gain admission and feel that it would be easy to find a job immediately they arrive to cover their living expenses. This is not so easy especially in countries where they speak a different language but it is not impossible.

#You could apply for a scholarship especially one that covers living expenses, if you do not have a sponsor. Study Abroad in Europe can be quite expensive without a well paying job, a scholarship or a sponsor.

#In some cases, there are opportunities to apply for a scholarship after the admission has been given, while in some you automatically apply for the scholarship with the admission. In other cases, people get scholarships and then apply for an admission.

#Rents are paid monthly and cost between 400 – 600 US dollars in countries like Denmark and Sweden. You also have to pay a deposit of about 3 months rent.

#Tuition fees cost between 5000 – 20000 Euros per year depending on the school and course of study.

Useful tips for students


#When you do get admission, its cheaper to book flights well in advance and pay insurance so you can change the date of your travelling. Application for your visa is done after admission has been given. This because you will need the admission letter as proof

#Student Jobs are not easy to find, but they are not impossible to.

#If you are going to be studying in a small city, say bye to most African foods. They are either unavailable or too expensive. Bigger cities may have Asian and African stores. But personally, I would say adapt to your new environment by learning to eat what is available. It saves cost.

#Most parts of Europe are cold so brace up for it.

#Be prepared to learn a new language.

#Do not be too shocked by the difference in culture. Its a given that it being a new society you might experience some level of shock. just bear in mind that there are different ways of doing things and the way you are used to, might not be the only way. You do not have to change your view, just be more understanding and tolerant.

#Biking is a great method of transportation in this parts.

#You may be treated some kind of way by some people, because of the color of your skin, but do not worry about that, they do not know better.

#Do not forget to actually study. Study methods are way different and more involving.

#Make sure your coming is in line with your Makers divine plan for your life.

These are all I can remember for now, Any other thing I do remember will be added in the comment section. If I have any answers to further questions I would try to provide them.

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