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Surprise Baby shower, event planning and African time.

So I attended my first Surprise baby shower and not only did I attend, I planned it!

You know what they say about creating opportunities if none is available?…?

Ever since the mama told me she was expecting,  my head has been spinning in wheels.

Decided to throw her a baby shower because why not? But as quickly as the thought came, doubts followed.

Are you sure you can plan this? This is not an event for yourself, so if anything goes bad, the shame will be more…so are you sure you can pull this off?

What if she does not love surprises? Who are you going to invite?

Why would anyone not love surprises? Oh, I have heard people say they do not, but why?

At some point, I got so overwhelmed just thinking about all the various things that go wrong, that I laid my plans to rest. But I really wanted to throw her a baby shower. 


After doing some online research and gaining confidence, I approached another friend and she was like yeah, why not?

Meanwhile her due date was getting closer and time was of the essence.

We agreed on a date, a venue and then I invited all those close to the baby mama. You see when you send out invitations, there is almost no going back.  We also discussed type of food and drinks etc.

Tip:Get you friends that support you both in words and actions. (She ended up being my chauffeur, cook, bed mate and everything in between)

Now to get the star of the show to the show without ruining the surprise. I told her we were going out, she should dress good.

At the back of my mind, I worried and prayed against either the baby coming early, or she being in some kind of a rot mood and not feel the need to step out of her house that day. (She has done this before?). Luckily none of this happened. She was actually excited. She thought I was taking her to the movies?.

Let’s not dwell a lot on late comers and adheres of African time. They didn’t do “too bad”. Just enough to make me reason that next time I plan on surprising anyone, and my fellow Africans are involved, I shall give them a time two hours before.

The best part

Now on to the best part. I finally got the star and we arrived at the venue. The smile on her face was enough reward. Not that I was looking for one, but its a nice feeling when people are genuinely happy for what has been done for them.

At that point, everyone could just package their food and go home, day made. Mission accomplished!…just kidding.

Surprisingly, when I got back, the venue had more decorations. Someone decided to surprise me with more. Thank you?.

My budget was a little stretched, so I did decided to tone down on the decor. Decorations are not really cheap and I did not have time for DIY. I got some reasonable priced decor items at Flying tiger and Normal. Also got an “It’s a girl” sign from Bilka.

It was just a small event but its was a hygge one. No dull moments. Candles do go a long way in creating that cosy atmosphere.

To all the friends turned family that supported, this post is dedicated to you. It’s one thing to plan an event, it’s another to have people attend and support. You guys are the best.

looking for people for your toothpaste advert, we got you

To my lovely friend who could not make it because she was in her full time job, being a mom, don’t worry we would have several events and moments of Joy to celebrate.

My dear friend who I first told my idea to, who became my cook, chauffeur, shopping buddy etc…You are a real one.

Daily, I am reminded of this statement my friend made, “God surrounds us with all the right people we need”.

Girls only, no guys allowed

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    Wow wow wow interesting. That was a nice One dear. You did it ??

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