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8 foods that can make period cramps worse

foods that worsen period cramps

Periods can be inconveniencing, but it would be great if you don’t worsen an already tricky situation. What you eat, before, during and after your period has a huge effect on your period.

Recently, I had a period with really painful cramps. I realized that I had eaten a ton of the foods that I shouldn’t have in the weeks leading up to and during the period.

What causes period cramps?

Period cramps are caused by having excess prostaglandins which are lipid compounds that are released from the uterine lining as it prepares to shed. They are completely normal but having them in excess during your period can cause pain.

If your period cramps are much more severe, then it is best to consult your doctor as it could indicate the presence of an underlying medical condition.

Some of these foods may not be necessarily bad, but they tend to worsen symptoms that occur during menstruation. And others should be avoided as much as possible even when you are not on your period.


#1 Carbonated drinks

There is this popular myth that soda relives period pain. Well, nothing could be more farther from the truth. Carbonated drinks worsen camps and increase bloating and should be avoided.

Instead of carbonated drinks, focus on drinking more water.


#2 Foods that contain fat

They increase bloating, cause breast tenderness and can lead to breakouts. fatty meats can be quite tasty, but the day I found out they make period cramps worse, I try to stay away.

They increase the amount of prostaglandins in your body that makes your uterus contract.

Foods containing high saturated fats also can increase the level of Cholesterol in the blood, which increases the chances of having a stroke or heart attack.


#3 Fried foods

period cramps

We love our fries. I especially love sweet potato fries, but during your period, its best to stay away from them. They can increase inflammation thereby causing heightened pain.


#4 Milk and other diary products

Period cramps

It seems there a lot of maladies that consuming diary contributes to, that I wonder why they are still a very important part of the food chain.

Foods that contain milk, cheese, etc…, increase inflammation and period cramps.


#5 Salty and over processed foods

Eating excess salt in food can lead to water retention that can lead to bloating. This should be avoided generally, not only because of periods cramps.

Foods that worsen period cramps


#6 Alcohol

A small amount of alcohol may temporarily increase estrogen levels in your body, that can lead to irregularity in ovulation. It can prolong severe menstrual cramping.

Consumption of  more than seven drinks in a week can offset the woman’s natural hormone. It can increase the chance of irregular menstrual cycle and may trigger early menopause.


#7 Caffeine

Some people can go without their daily dose of caffeine. But you should know that drinking coffee while you are on your period can worsen menstrual cramps. It causes Vasoconstriction.

This is because caffeine makes the blood vessels in your body to constrict. So the vessels that feed blood to your Uterus tighten and will make your cramps much worse.

foods that make period cramps worse


#8 Sugar and sweets

Sugar is inflammatory. It also can cause you to feel very bloated not just only during period. Add to the fact that when you are menstruating, your blood sugar levels are not stable.

It also affects your mood making you to experience mood swings. When you eat sugar, you can experience a sugar rush which is like a temporary high, and then it drops drastically, causing you to feel even more tired.

foods that make period cramps worse


Stay away as much as you can from these foods at least in the two weeks before your period comes.


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  1. Drealsumzy says:

    Thanks for sharing this insightful information, I didn’t know what we eat has an effect on menstrual cramps.. Will take note??

  2. Legalalien says:

    Yes oh…what we consume affects us in many ways. Thanks for reading.

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