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Lessons from my face product

I have struggled to come up with a suitable title for this post. Lessons from my face product is all I can think of. It could change later but this will do for now.

I am sitting here, deceiving myself that I do not care. Yet anytime I pass by any mirror like surface, I find myself checking my face to see if it has magically cleared. I have googled. Unfortunately, I do not have any of the remedies prescribed at hand. Time is just going to heal this one.

lets start from the beginning.

I was using this face product, I got it from the  drug store and it was relatively cheap. Fortunately, some few months back I was opportune to use a more ‘certified’ brand of this face product but more expensive. I use ‘certified’ for lack of a better word.

I ran out some days ago and since I was close to the corner shop, I bought the previous cheaper version that I had used before. At this point, I had used up about 3 packs of the more expensive brand so it’s really been a while.

The first night I used this drug store product, I woke up the next morning to little rash like bumps on my chin. I paid no serious heed to it. Although, I had a feeling the rashes may have been caused by my re-acquainted face product. It was the only product I have changed in a long time, but I still needed to be very sure.
Now if this was a product I had never used before, I may have stopped right at the point I noticed the chin rash.

Anyway, I still used this face product the next day, and the day after. The second day I used it, I noticed the rashes had spread. It covered the sides of my forehead and by the third day, I had them all over my face. At this point, I decided it was time to stop. Not necessarily because of the rashes, but because my face was itching.

I was having a hard time keeping my hands off my face.

Something in me was still about to use the product one more time ‘just to be sure’. I could not believe that this face product I had used before was doing this to me.

I know!

Rash is covering my whole face and I still want to use what is the obvious cause of it. Just because I had used it before? Well, in my defense, I trusted it based on my initial interaction with it.

I have since discovered I posses the long suffering trait. I endure with things and people. Especially when I desire them to do well. Could be all at the expense of own comfort.

But 2 lessons I sincerely hope I have learnt are this:

  • Lesson 1: Never expect your face to react to a product exactly as it did before. The chemical composition may have changed. Your face may have adapted to a different product.

Just as you should never assume that a person you knew one year ago is still the same. Those beauty gurus that advise a patch test, know what they are talking about. Even the bible says to test every spirit, whether they be of God. Always do a patch test.

  • Lesson 2: With an itching face full of rashes, I humbly accept the point my face is trying to pass across. Simply put, it loves good things.

I am sorry if you were looking for something deep. I just want you to sympathize with me and my itching face.

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  1. Edith says:

    Sympathising with you. Next time get authenticated products.

  2. Nora says:

    My dear, all I have been using for years on face and body is organic coconut oil. I have never felt and looked so well. The industry is trying to sell us stuff we don‘t need! The worst part is that we don‘t know what’s in it and who it has been tested on. Much love.

    1. Legalalien says:

      Coconut oil has not really worked for me. Tried it on my face and it broke out in hives. My scalp itches me so bad any time I use it on my hair. Glad it worked for you though

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