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It’s foreign, so good?!

” there is something foundationally wrong with our collective reasoning,that automatically assumes anything foreign is superior”. @drOlufunmilayo on twitter. There is this thing my mum used to do. Anytime meat was boiled, she gave I and my sibling a piece. This was before the food was ready. Sometimes she made something similar to garri ‘kodo’. …

Living life

Social media intimidation? Reasons why you should take a social media break

So I decided to take a little social media break. I do it from time to time mostly to assure myself that I am not an addict, and to pay more attention to pressing life issues like talking to people. This particular break was/is needed. I was starting feel like my life is on a …

College experience

Useful tips for students planning to study Abroad in Europe

Study Abroad

In my day to day interactions, many ask me how they can get the opportunity to Study Abroad in Europe. A study Abroad makes you gain experiences that can better your chances at an international career. This write up is to help those who would like to study abroad especially in Europe. Some people go through …

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life as a International student in Denmark

Life as an International student in denmark

I have seen a lot of articles from students who have studied and are studying in different countries, their experiences helped me and gave me a little glimpse of what I should expect, and I am grateful for that. I would like to add my own experiences to the pool of resources available to future …